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YMEN Takes Over The Twin Cities

This spring break, YMEN took over the Twin Cities. Students embarked upon a journey of college, comradery and connection….and a little competition. After settling in, students put their best game forward bowling at Memory Lanes. It was all fun and games, until a prize was put on the line for the best team of bowlers. In the end, the girls took the cake (literally) as they chose delicious desserts as their prize. After a restful night, it was time for exploration. The first stop was the beautiful 1,204 acres of the University of Minnesota. Students were led through enormous campus as they learned about the college’s huge selections of majors, student led organizations, and accomplishments. After a pizza break, it was time to explore a National Historic Landmark, the Mill City Museum. Built in the 1870s, Washburn A Mill was one of the largest mills in the country. Students were led through a tour of the eight story mill turned museum, that ended with a short film and a hands on experience that tested their strength, agility, and ability to work together as a team. Then it was time to “root, root, root for the home team” as the Minnesota Twins played against the Toronto Blue Jays. North Central University rolled out the red carpet as they gave our students one of the best college tours. The college was all about community as multiple students stopped to greet YMEN students making them feel a sense of belonging. Students got a real life experience on what a day of college looked like, stepping into classrooms, auditoriums, dorms, lunch and even chapel. A North Central student even shared her talent of songwriting and rapping with the group along with good advice about time management. Next YMEN students went to Grand Slam Family Center where they enjoyed unlimited Bumper Cars, Laser Tags and Mini Golf. YMEN visited and built connections with a fellow youth organization named Urban Ventures. The staff of Urban Ventures took time out to have lunch and fellowship with our children. After a big lunch, it was time to work it off at Dunwoody College of Technology. Students were fascinated to walk and explore Dunwoody College. The college gave a good guided based on how the principle that students should learn with knowledge and application simultaneously. YMEN students were able to see and touch machines, robots, and cars built by Dunwoody students. The day became more exciting as YMEN was able to explore the gigantic Mall of America. With over 500 stores, an indoor amusement park, and tons of restaurants, students were given hours to explore and  the hours were well spent. After a YMEN family dinner of good food, good stories, and lots of laughter, it was time to head back home to Chicago with a fresh perspective on college, comradery and connections.