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Young Men's

Educational Network

Developing youth leaders today for the future of our families tomorrow.


 "To prepare young men and women in North Lawndale for leadership by helping them grow in their faith and character, develop a love for learning, and use their talents to serve the community and strengthen our families.


“ALL HANDS ON DECK! This is YMEN’s moment to serve like we have never served before,” said Michael Trout, YMEN’s Founder. The pandemic has affected African-Americans at a rate that is seven times more than other communities. We have been told that the 60623 and 60624 zip codes of North Lawndale have led the state in both percentage of cases and number of fatalities. COVID-19 has also led to tremendous financial strain as non-essential workers have been furloughed and many have lost their employment. 


The Young Men's Educational Network (YMEN) teams up with Gorilla Gourmet to provide critical food supplies to 1,000 people each week in North Lawndale. Every Thursday is filled with joy and love as the Young Men’s Educational Network (YMEN) delivers 250 boxes of nutritious food to families in North Lawndale.

8 - 9
8 - 12
7 - 55
DELTA Ladies 5k
Mrs Trout Cooking Class
Student Banquet
police and boys
Graduation TIme!!!
College and Career Interns and Mark Cran
Old St
Tommy and guys @ Honey Rock
Travion and Little Brother
Deja R Graduation
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