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YMEN’s comprehensive programs offer a wide range of educational support, mentoring from positive role models, spiritual and emotional guidance, vocational classes in the arts, career-based and entrepreneurial education, sports and recreational activities, family supportive services, and service learning to more than 300 students annually.


YMEN’s 30 programs seek to build layers of support that ensures students will:

  • Have excellent attendance in school and in after-school programs

  • Graduate from high school and college

  • Participate in levels of leadership within the community

  • Have the ability to make a positive contribution in a diverse world

  • View themselves and others as valuable to God and society


Central to our programs is our mission: "To prepare young men and women in North Lawndale for leadership by helping them grow in their faith and character, develop a love for learning, and use their talents to serve the community and strengthen our families."

In 2018, the Young Men’s educational Network launched Women of YMEN now called DELTA (Daughters Equipped to Lead Through Action), a leadership initiative for the young women of YMEN. DELTA is a place where each and every young woman gets an opportunity to break the cycle and grow in an environment where they are pushed  to their individual degree of excellence. DELTA focuses on enriching relationships with other women, growing in faith and character and servant leadership.

YMEN and DELTA have a vision that the youth of North Lawndale will be the emerging leaders to bring revitalization and positive solutions to the community and its residents.

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